Jasni’s academic career began with his appointment as a Researcher at USM in 1994. He was then appointed as a computer programmer in 1995 and as a System Analyst in 1996. Currently he is pursuing his PhD in IT at UUM. In addition to teaching, Jasni has held several UUM administrative posts. In 2003, he was appointed the Diploma Programme Coordinator for Private Higher Learning Institutional (KARISMA College), and later as Director of Software Development Institute and Innovation (SDII) UUM in 2005. He is currently a lecturer in the School of Multimedia Technology and Communication (SMMTC), College of Arts and Sciences, UUM. As for the research interest, he specialized in interaction design (IxD) and human-computer interaction (HCI) specifically in goal-directed design (GDD). He also has a keen interest in 2D and 3D animation, e-publishing, virtual reality (VR), web design & application, multimedia information system, graphic design, and multimedia presentation. His works based on those researches has been published in international proceedings (Bangkok 2007, San Francisco 2009, Turkey 2012, London 2013, Bandung 2014) and established high impact journals (Journal of Technology, ARPN Journal of Technology and Engineering). Jasni has also published an academic book, namely “MSC Sebagai Nukleus dalam Industri Multimedia Negara: Peranan dan Keperluan”. He also published an article for MaDICT’2004. Since 1995 at USM, he produced a lot of multimedia presentation for various talks, ceremony, expo, university events, government bodies, and private sectors such as for PNB, LHDN, Telekom, and network company BANYAN Inc. In UUM, he produced a lot of multimedia presentations for international conference ceremony namely KMICE’2001, KMICE’2006 & ICOCI’2006, and RICTD2010 (advisor). He also published in more than 15 multimedia educational coursewares (CAI) and conducted software training on animation, high-impact professional content designs, and DTP for universities and private sectors since 1995. He also involved in designing book covers, posters, brochures, flyers, and web pages. He won international awards products competition from varies exhibition and exposition;PRPi 2012 (1 silver), MTE 2013 (1 silver), EduINERI 2013 (1 gold, 1 silver), SIIF 2013 Korea (1 silver), Pecipta 2013 (1 bronze) and many more. Jasni’s expertise has also been sought externally where he has been multimedia external programme evaluators of Kolej Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (KUSZA) and HCI advisor for PoliMAS. He is being invited for guest lecture and judge on animation and multimedia, at Kolej Mara, Matriculation Centers, PDC Penang, and RTM (Perak FM). He has experienced on teaching graphic and animation courses (since 2002), HCI, and VR (2005) for graduate and postgraduate School of Computing (SoC) and SMMTC, UUM.