Masnita Misiran presently holds the position of Director at the Center of Testing, Measurement & Appraisal (CeTMA) and serves as an Associate Professor within the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Universiti Utara Malaysia Malaysia. She has previously held the role of Deputy Director at CeTMA, Deputy Dean and Head of Department, at the School of Quantitative Sciences within the same academic institution. Dr. Misiran's academic involvement encompasses various notable roles and accomplishments. She is currently an editorial board member of the International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mathematics. Her academic background includes a Bachelor's and Master's of Sciences in Mathematics from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, followed by PhD in Financial Mathematics from Curtin University, Australia. Over the span of two decades, Dr. Misiran has accumulated diverse and extensive quantitative research experiences, ranging from theoretical and methodological advancements of mathematical models to their practical applications across various domains. Her research pursuits have notably encompassed financial mathematics, financial risk management, risk analysis, approximation theory, dynamical systems, fluid dynamics, business analytics, statistical applications, and enhancements in student development. A central tenet of her scholarly interests revolves around the promotion of financial, digital, and STEM literacy within communities. Dr. Misiran fervently believes in rendering these domains accessible to the broader public as vehicles for elevating societal financial and social standings. This dedication is exemplified by her receipt of the prestigious Minister of Education Malaysia Special Award in Curriculum Design and Innovative Delivery (AKRI 2019), specifically in the Transformative Teaching category. Further reflecting her commitment to knowledge dissemination, Dr. Misiran takes an active role as a coordinator for the MySTEM Ambassador program initiated by the Ministry of Higher Education, and UUM Focal Point for United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network Malaysia Chapter, contributing to STEM and sustainability initiatives. Additionally, she owns 13 intellectual properties, all meticulously focused on advancing STEM education, financial literacy, analytics, and sustainable practices within communities, as she believes in grassroots empowerment. Her extensive publication record includes over 100 research articles in esteemed journals, conference proceedings, and several scholarly books. Her contributions extend beyond academia, involving collaborative research projects with Nelson (M) Sdn. Bhd., Blue Archipelago Sdn. Bhd., Lembaga Zakat Negeri Kedah, FWD Takaful, and Akla Services Sdn Bhd. In sum, her multifaceted accomplishments and impactful engagements underscore her role as a distinguished scholar and advocate for empowering communities through the dissemination of knowledge.