Suhaini Muda lectures across communication discipline at the School of Multimedia Technology and Communication at Universiti Utara Malaysia. She graduated from Macquarie University Sydney with an MA in International Communication in 2002. Prior to that, she received a Bachelor of Human Sciences (Communication) from International Islamic University Malaysia in 1999. During her undergraduate studies, she gained knowledge and skills about communication and media, and their components, including the ways of managing communication in an organisation. She also took to read modern and professional fields together with traditional values and moral excellences. She developed a profound interest in communication for social change throughout her MA studies. She was fascinated with community development programmes, especially the ones involving children. This further encouraged her to study and volunteer for various projects for children where she conducted a research on child participation in 2005 under the faculty grant. Her motivation, knowledge and experience led her to her current PhD research on community partnerships at Macquarie University Sydney. Honoured with the Endeavour Malaysia Award, and Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarship, she pursued her PhD research on sustaining collaborative partnership in an ICT-based community service organisation to empower underprivileged children. Based on the perspectives of multiple stakeholders, her thesis investigates how collaborative partnerships with the community service organisation develop and change over the long term. Her enduring interest is in making a difference to the community and society, especially in the role of communication in processes of social change, community partnerships, and volunteer studies. Her other research interests and publications revolve around children and community participation, laws and moral philosophy in communication, ethics and leadership in communication, media and social responsibility, media news credibility (UUM grant 2005), emotional intelligence and ICT competency (IRPA grant 2007), and organisational communication.