UUM Experts is a directory of academic and research staff of University Utara Malaysia. You will find profiles of academic staff and their contact details; information about their areas of expertise and related activities; and their publications references

Dr. Achmad Dzariean bin Mohd Nadzri [ Mohd Nadzri, A.D. ]
achmad@uum.edu.my | +6049288474
School of International Studies

Achmad Dzariean Mohd Nadzri is currently a Senior Lecturer at School of International Studies, UUM. He obtained his BA Degree in International Affairs Management, UUM, Msc. Strategic Studies & Security, UKM and PhD in International Studies, UUM. His PhD thesis examines Pendekatan Diplomasi Akomodasi dalam Dasar Luar Malaysia di zaman pentadbiran Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Now, he is also attached as a Research Fellows at Malaysian Political Analysis Institute (UUM MAPAN) at Ghazali Shafie Graduate S ..[more]

Dr. Nurli Bt Yaacob [ Yaacob, N. ]
nurli@uum.edu.my | +6049288068
School of Law

I am a Senior Lecturer in the School of Law, Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). I started my career at Universiti Utara Malaysia in 1994. I holds a Bachelor of Laws with Honors (International Islamic University Malaysia), Master of Comparative Law (International Islamic University Malaysia) and Doctor of Philosophy (Business Law) (Universiti Putra Malaysia). My PhD is in the field of franchise law. My teaching courses in UUM are: Franchise Law, Legal and Ethical Issues in CSR, Legal Skills and Res ..[more]

Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd Zailani bin Mohd. Yusoff [ Mohd Yusoff, Mohd Zailani ]
myzailani@uum.edu.my | +6049285433
School of Education and Modern Languages

Saya merupakan pensyarah kanan di Pusat Pengajian Pendidikan dan Bahasa Moden. Bidang Kepakaran saya adalah Pendidikan Moral dan Keagamaan. Kajian yang diminati adalah berdasarkan kepada bidang Pendidikan Keagamaan, Pendidikan Moral dan Etika, Moral dan Etika, Psikologi Moral dan Kajian-kajian keagamaan (Perbandingan Agama). Bidang kepakaran mengikut area adalah Etika Keguruan dan Profesional, Pendidikan Moral dan Keagamaan dan Pendidikan Sains Sosial. ..[more]

Dr. Chan Cheong Chong [ Chan.C.C ]
ccchan@uum.edu.my | +60492803-2610 3
UUM Kampus Kuala Lumpur (UUMKL)

Dr. Chan is a senior lecturer at the School of Applied Psychology, Social Work and Policy, College of Arts and Sciences, Universiti Utara Malaysia. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Social Work Management(1st Class Hons)from Universiti Utara Malaysia, an M.A. in International Child Welfare from University of East Anglia, United Kingdom and a Ph.D in Social Work from National University of Singapore. He is a life member of the Malaysian Association of Social Workers. His area of interest is on chil ..[more]

Prof. Madya Dr. Engku Ismail B Engku Ali [ Engku Ali, E.I. ]
eismail@uum.edu.my | +6049287237
Tunku Puteri Intan Safinaz School of Accountancy

An academic staff in TISSA-UUM (Tunku Intan Safinaz School of Accountancy, UUM) since October 1995. Involve in teaching undergraduate, supervising the post graduate students and also active in sports and social service. Beside teaching, also hold the administrative post such Fellow, coordinator and "laison Officer - Student affairs". ..[more]

Dr. Adeyeye Oluwaseun [ Adeyeye, O. ]
adeyeye@uum.edu.my | +6049286354
School of Quantitative Sciences

My research interests and publications focus on new numerical methods for finding approximate solutions to both first order and higher order differential equations. ..[more]

Prof. Madya Dr. Noraini Binti Othman [ Othman, N. ]
n.aini@uum.edu.my | +6049287444
School of Business Management

I am interested in Organizational Behavior and Development. I have received grants (FRGS and RAGS)from MOE for research work in issues relating to organizational behavior. ..[more]

Dr. Norfaiezah Binti Sawandi [ Sawandi, N. ]
ezah@uum.edu.my | +6049287297
Tunku Puteri Intan Safinaz School of Accountancy

Dr Norfaiezah Sawandi is a chartered accountant(Malaysian Institute of Accountant), a certified practicing accountant (CPA Australia) and a certified financial planner (Financial Planning Association of Malaysia). She obtained her first degree in 2001 from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (Bachelor of Accounting (Hons)-First Class), master degree in 2003 from Universiti Utara Malaysia (MBA Professional Accounting), Postgraduate Diploma (2011) and Phd in Accounting (2014)from University of Stratchl ..[more]

Prof. Madya Dr. Ahmad Jelani B Shaari [ Shaari, Ahmad Jelani ]
jelani@uum.edu.my | +6049285405
School of Education and Modern Languages

I have been with UUM since 1990. I teach courses in instructional technology at graduate level. To date, I have successfully supervised 7 doctoral students in areas pertaining to instructional technology. I am currently interested in the use of social media for instructional purposes. ..[more]

Dr. Khuzairi bin Mohd Zaini [ NO_INITIAL ]
khuzairi@uum.edu.my | +6049285197
School of Computing

I hold a Master of Science in Telecommunications from University College London, and a Bachelor of Information Technology with honours from Universiti Utara Malaysia. Prior becoming an academician, I had hold various positions in the ICT industry. I am also a CISCO Networking Academy instructor for CCNA. My research interest covers Next Generation Network (NGN), Wireless and Mobile Networking, Multimedia Network, Quality of Service, Traffic Engineering and Mobile Social Network (MoSoNet). Apart ..[more]

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